WEXHOF Starts Export and Health Tourism Tour in Turkey


WEXHOF, the world export and health organization forum, accelerated its work in Turkey. In this context, WEXHOF, which will present its projects that will contribute to the country's economy, will try to offer a different perspective to export and health tourism.


WEXHOF President Onur Kurtay said in a statement. ‘’We will offer methods to accelerate the work we have started with Health Tourism in our country and to strengthen investments in this field. In order to realize projects that will increase our country's brand value in this field, we will come together with our country officials, private sector representatives and the press in our cities. He said, "We will share the limitless possibilities of our possibilities with them and inform them about our work in the sector."


Onur Kurtay, who stated that they follow the agenda closely, according to the new economic program announced by our Minister of Treasury and Finance, Nureddin Nebati, a large part of the 60 billion support will be the lifeline of foreign exchange earning services, namely health tourism and exporters in this crisis period. It will be our duty to convey these and similar developments to the stakeholders of the sector and ensure that they are used.”

Kaynak: (BHA) – Beyaz Haber Ajansı

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